Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My School, SPM, Thank you Allah S.W.T..

When we talk about school, surely lots of things come out from our mind. Maybe, people who still stay and study in school feel very boring and hectic with homeworks and studies but bear in mind that school will be the first subject that we remember when studying in college or university. Let's read my experience as a kind sharing with you everyone. Don't forget our memories in school because it was a history, the best history in our heart. Believe me! Let me bring you back to school......

"I registered back to school on 5th January 2009. I still had to wear peach colored and long sleeved shirt because I still remained a school prefect. After I finished the last year with average performances, I was determined to change myself to become a better prefect for teachers and students. In the Prefectural Board, I had been chosen and declared as the Deputy Head Prefect or rather Head Prefect in charge of co-curriculum. Besides that, I was appointed as the fifth yellow House Captain and I was proud of it. Most importantly, that year I had an important examination which would determine my future. So, I had lots of tasks and responsibilities to be executed in order to satisfy everyone. Although having a heavy responsibility, I had to focus and concentrate on my lessons. For me, success in both academic and co-curriculum were precious achievements for my beloved family, teachers, friends and even school.

In the first few months the tasks as a prefect was an arduous works. I had to rearrange the students’ daily timetable after school periods. All the juniors obeyed my instructions but the seniors who were my peers refused to accept my instructions. Perhaps they already knew who I was. The year before, I was a prefect who not strict when it came to the school rules. In February, my school organized the Sports Day. Everyone was exhilarated on that day but not I because I had to arrange my house members for the parade, foods, athletic training etc. So, I was very busy to ensure my house would repeat the last year’s championship.

After the sports day, I had hoped that I could concentrate on my studies but unfortunately, I still had lots of tasks to be completed. The teachers told us that we could leave the responsibility as a prefect in August. All of us were reluctant to agree with that decision but we had to accept it as it was. I had sat for my trial examination in July and later worried about its results. I had felt as though I had not learnt anything from my teachers. By the way, I forgot to mention that I had earlier missed my classes for two months, hampered by a knee injury. I had fallen down while playing futsal when representing my club. Since that moment, I could not play any game consummately and even my stamina deteriorated.

I had passed my trial exam but my results were quite bad especially in Chemistry. I scored A’s in six subjects, two B’s in two subjects which were Physics and Engineering Technology and a D’s for Chemistry respectively. From then onward, I had promised myself to study harder than before in an attempt to pass the actual exams with flying colors. I had studied until midnight and had group studies with my friends occasionally. Day by day, my confidences grew and I was determined to score all A’s in my SPM.

The long awaited day arrived and I was very nervous. After I finished the examination, I was very sad to leave my school, teachers and friends. I would always remember them as if they are my real family members. Everybody was reluctant to leave the school even though the secondary school period was over.

Three months later, I returned to school to collect my SPM results and I was very anxious that day. Fortunately I scored A’s in all subjects; it was a pinnacle moment in my life. Perhaps it was my luck and I hoped that I could repeat it for years to come."

Perhaps, we didn't expect something incredible would be happened and it was the sweetest moment in our heart that we will remember until the end of our life...

SPM, bye... bye... Let's do other things....

After finished my Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM), I made up my mind to find a job to fill my spare time. So I tried to ask my adopted mother whether there was a vacancy for me at her office. She owned a small company named Gading Kencana Sdn. Bhd and as the owner of the company, she could make decisions all by her own. Fortunately, she called and asked me to work with her there. She lived at Subang Jaya, about 20 minutes from Kuala Lumpur through Federal Highway but her company was located at Shah Alam. So, I had to come to her house and stay there for a few months because I lived at Pendang, Kedah. I was very thankful and appreciated her help.
Before taking SPM, my friends and I had planned to have a trip to Sunway Lagoon and Malacca, so we worked hard to collect lots of money to support our trips. Finally, we succeeded to collect some four thousands ringgit through selling hot dogs, floats, nugget and services such as cyber café service and play station game. Everybody had to pay about a hundred ringgit for the trips free and the rests were covered by our previous commerce money.

We enjoyed the trip so much for two days and before going back to our respective destination, we had a dinner party at my adopted mother’s house. After that, they went home and abandoned me alone there because she asked me to stay and work with her immediately as fast as possible. I just accepted the precious chance without any argument. Yet, I was very curious about the job. What is the job that would be given to me? Could I do the job as well as possible? Those questions always appeared on my mind and I was anxious.
The next day, I woke up early and was ready to complete any tasks. After having breakfast, she asked me to prepare because I had to start working on that very day. I wore formal clothing that she had bought for me and I looked so smart in it. It was very beautiful and suitable with an attractive color and high quality-made cotton, frankly speaking it was so comfortable for me. When I reached the office, I was introduced to other staffs and they greeted me with open arms.
My first day working in the office was very relaxing because I was instructed to do simple and common tasks such as printing drawing, answered calls if necessary and often went to the bank to deposit cheques. I enjoyed doing such things every day there and I was paid about seven hundred ringgit per month. Almost every day, I did the same tasks but often I had to go to Jabatan Kerja Raya (JKR) office to buy tenders and sent them back there. Since I worked there, I learnt a lot of about punctuality, concentration and cooperation and even to recognize some roads here and I felt that I knew my way around Shah Alam and I was proud of it because just a few months of working there.

In June, I decided to stop my work to prepare for an upcoming event. I was offered by Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA) to pursue my further studies at International Education Centre (INTEC) in engineering and I was very grateful about it. So starting from now, I want to squander my leisure time writing blog about my experiences and maybe about myself. Hopefully it will attract people to read my blog after this onwards.