Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Barriers in My Life..

When I was in primary school, I was a student who was very active in sports. Ever since I was six years old, I have always been a top scorer in class. It was the sweetest moment in my life when I had been chosen as the best student in my school in the final primary year. At one time I was so preoccupied with the sports and ignored my studies. Even though I was very busy with my sport but I always scored in Mathematics and Science subject which were my favorite subjects but I failed to score well in English subject. The basics of education that I should have mastered in primary school were almost abandoned. Fortunately, upon realizing that the primary school evaluation test was approaching, I was back with the books. The deep understanding in Mathematics and Science subject somewhat helped me to give the chance upon me to focus more in English subject. I had to learn and revise all the previous lessons at the eleventh hour especially English. Eventually I succeeded in the test to get A in all subjects.

Following my straight A test results and my athletic record, I was offered to carry on my studies to Bandar Penawar Sport School which one of the best sports school in the country. I was very proud to be selected to go there because I was one of two students in my state who was elected to enroll there. However, I choose to continue my studies in full boarding school instead. My aim was to study hard but it was such a challenge especially when some subjects were taught in the English language. I was not able to master the basics of the language that was taught in primary school. Perhaps, it was because of my last minute studying. Other than that, I was also joined a more extreme sport which was rugby. My aim to study hard was not realized and I failed again. This continued until I reached the Fifth Form.

However, my involvement in Rugby ended when I was injured while playing futsal with my friends. According to doctors, the ligament at my knee was torn and I needed a long rest. I however, did not heed the doctor’s and my coach’s advice to rest. I continued playing as I thought I should maintain my fitness. This resulted to me not attending the classes for about two months because of that injury and even I forgot most of the lectures in class before. My English became worse and sometimes I felt that I never learnt anything about English. Nevertheless, I used the opportunity to learn and revise all the studies that I have missed. I had to study all the time in order to make up for the classes I had missed as an important major exam named Malaysian Certificate of Education was approaching. My poor time management had a negative impact on me. Sports were supposed to bring a good and positive impact on me, like the saying “A healthy body leads to a healthy mind”. In addition, I could not play many games since the tragedy until today.

For your information, I still face a difficulty in learning as the present medium of study at the tertiary level education is English.

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