Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Best Friend...


When the school year was going to start, it was the most joyful moments that I had ever had. Other people said I was a weird person because for them, they liked to go home rather than staying back at the hostel. I said so because when I got into the school, I could meet my friends and did everything with them. Being in the boarding school, I found it was very hard to make friends with people in my hometown. Although there were lots people that I called friend but none of them could be considered as a close friend. Nevertheless, it finally ended when I met a friend named Zikri. He was a new-intake student in form 4 from daily school. He came from very respectable background but he behaved as though there was nothing special about him. He was my age and even sat next to me. We made up our mind to join the same club as well.

Since we knew each other better, our intimacy increased as we always did almost every single thing together. One day, the advisor of my club asked us to join the club activity which was an expedition to Gua Niah. Without further thinking, I decided to leave the chance due to my financial problem but he persuaded me to join with him. He told that he wanted to help me to find the money together. So, we started to keep money by selling hot dog in hostel. We did it a few months and we got more than what we expected. As a result, we managed to join the expedition together without any barrier. As time passed, we had our own lives and pursued our studies at different institutions. It did not mean that we have no friendship ties anymore, but we often managed to see each other on holidays. We shared everything together as if there are no secrets between us. I could feel that he was the best friend that I have ever had and hopefully our friendships would last forever.

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