Friday, May 27, 2011

Scholastic Amplitude Test (SAT)

I still remembered the test that I took last year which was SAT I. SAT stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test. Before I entered the INTEC, I did not know anything about the ADFP (American Degree Foundation Program). When I stepped here in INTEC, then I know what the 'term' was. Beside SAT I, I also have to take TOEFL (Test of Englishas Foreign Language) here. Actually, the main significance of those 'tests' was they are like a 'passport' or 'evaluation' to enter universities in the United State of America. If you got more or higher marks in both tests, you would have higher chance to apply higher rank universities or even be accepted by the top universities in USA. Talked about the SAT I, I have the bitter and sweet story about it.

First thing first, when I entered INTEC, I have to take SAT I practices starting during Fall Semester. Then, I needed to take the real SAT I at least once, and had to take back the test if we didn’t achieve the cut-of-point score needed. I was upset because since the first time I took that practice, I didn’t pass the required score. For your information, for the SAT I requirement; MARA student, they had to get 1000 and above, Bank Negara (BN) students, they need to pass 1200, and for Khazanah Nasional student, which is Suffian Hamzah, he has to pass 1300 marks for both Critical Reading and Mathematics. While for JPA students including me, we have to pass 1000 marks but since we are not going to be a freshman there, the OSSP (Office of Student Services & Placements) and seniors said that the SAT I is not needed for transfer students.

The practices have been held once a week which was on Wednesday from 2.00 pm until 6.00 pm. Just imagine sitting four hours in the air-conditioned old library answering the practices. It was pretty boring and exhausted. I was worried about myself and my SAT scores because I didn’t pass 1000 and even still far away from 1000. The test made up of three sections which are Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing. The very hard parts are in Critical Reading where the vocabularies and words used were very hard. But for the Mathematics, it was somewhat easier compared to reading parts but the most important thing was, understand the question first and for sure, we could answer the math questions. Another part is writing. Firstly, we had to write an essay within 25 minutes. Then, there were other questions at the back.

In October 2010, almost all of my friends took the test at Metropolitan Subang Jaya. I made up my mind to forget about the test because I did not fully prepare yet. So I did not take the test yet. But after this, I promised myself to take it before I entered back in Intec for the next semester because I know that I will be busier than before.

I managed myself to study hard during two month breaks. Almost every day, I studied the SAT using an exercise SAT I book that has been given by my senior. But I merely focused on Math sections. I was very proud because I could score higher compared to during practices in Intec. I was happy calculating and answering that section because I understood what the questions wanted. Since that day, I always did the math section and I was very confident with my ability to score better in the real test soon.

On the awaited day, I prepared myself earlier so that I could reduce my nervousness. I was sent by my foster mother to Metropolitan College. And when I was there, I walked swiftly into the college. I was very gala when I met my friends. I thought I was the only person who would take the test on that day. After check my test place, I walked straight to that place. I entered the hall with my pencil box and a piece of sandwich. But I felt something wrong with me. Arggh!!! I forgot to bring along my calculator. Then, I quickly asked the person in charge about my problem and they told me to borrow from my friends. I was very anxious on that time. Allah saved me, I noticed someone bringing two calculators, and so, I asked his permission to lend me one of his calculators. All praises to Allah, He saved me from the trouble.

I managed to answer all the questions in math paths but I was very disappointed with myself because I didn’t study the reading and writing paths. I knew, it was my mistakes so I had to accept it. I was really worried if I do not pass the requirement score. But I gave my fate to Allah SWT. He knows the best for me.

A month later, I went to the nearest cyber café to check my score. I thought the score would be published on that day. I always pray to God so that I could pass the requirement score. All praises to Allah S.W.T!!! I passed the requirement! Even though my marks were quite bad but at least I had passed the requirement for Public Services Department (JPA). This was my marks:

Reading: 340
Math: 670
Writing: 440
Essay: 8/12

So, I had passed one of the JPA’s requirements and I still have three more requirements to fulfill which are TOEFL, CGPA and university placement. I maybe take the TOEFL next year and I hope, I can pass the requirement. Please pray for me so that I can be better student for Islam, for my race and for my country. God willing.

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alhamdulillah friend
keep up your effort.You are good at whatever thing you are doing